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EVERGREEN SWEET HOUSE, located in a prominent market area in the South Delhi, India, is a well known name to millions of food lovers across Delhi and Overseas, for over four decades. The idea nurtured by its promoter, Late Shri Radha Krishan Chopra - himself a skilled Halwai (Chef) and very much deft in his trade, in early - 1960's to provide sweet - tooth customers a place where they can have the rich traditional Indian sweets in the best of taste and quality, is seen very much flourishing. The baton - command later passed on to his sons - Mr. Mohanlal Chopra, being assisted by Shri Akhtiari Lal Chopra and Shri Shyam Lal Chopra to fulfill his arduous task of service through taste and quality. The trio trained themselves from the grass-root level for better co-ordination, control, and rapport with the labor force. The work force at every individual planks and counts is made to feel home and responsible for the working and success of the company.

The seeds of dedicated service and quality are yielding dividends. The product range has multiplied in the sweets -category, salties and namkeens in umpteen varieties are relished by all. Rich varieties of Snacks, Fast Food, Frozen Desserts and Pastries; array of Cookies and Confectioneries adorn the odd 4000 sq .ft shop floor. Articulate display of the products, assorted and attractive range of ornamental packing - tailor made to individual requirements; and feel-at-home ambient environment bring patrons in flocks and hoards. It becomes morally obligatory on the part of each of the staff members to live up to their satisfaction. Evergreen Sweet House flaunts a wide range of delicacies to suit all palates for all occasions and pocket.

Chopras' now with the added assistance of the genre next- have further diversified to Restaurant and Catering business. Evergreen Sweet House boasts a multi-cuisine Restaurant at a very conspicuous location in South Delhi, providing the most ambient environment to the dining gentry. Food is served to suit every palate to the best of customer satisfaction. Quality, Taste and Service are a prerogative here. Evergreen also offers full range of Catering with an added advantage of Banqueting service. The Catering team is trained to be on its toes to make your preferred moments -MEMORABLE. Menu and Service package is worked out befitting the needs of the clientele.

The dedicated efforts of 125+ workers and staff members cannot be ignored. The contribution of the labor force to the success and development of Evergreen Sweet House is prized.

Development is the key phenomenon to success. Sweets and Savories pass through rigorous test control practices to accord a uniform standard of taste and quality to the products. The shelf life conditions are prolonged through scientific procedures, to retain freshness and taste of the products for the intending customer. Sugar free and low sugar content Sweets are also made. Efforts are being made to make sweets available enriched with health improvement herbs. The motive stands clear-

We care of your health as much as,
We take care of your taste buds


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